Forming Friendly Relationships

The person who has been the victim of transference in a recent relationship is looking for a more peaceful relationship. Their former partner would have had a tendency to pick fights whenever they were guilty, and accusations were just the beginning. The constant accusations, arguments and distrust were tiring, and now the person who has left just wants to have an easygoing relationship with someone who will not behave that way. They want someone who is a friend first and a partner second.

Caution is a good word to describe a person getting out of this type of bad relationship, and they will not be eager to make a commitment. Rather than concentrating all their time on one person, they may have several dating friends. Some of them will be dating relationships where the couple will only do fun things together, and physical intimacy is not part of the bargain. A person may choose a fuck buddy to satisfy those needs.

Life is about learning and acquiring knowledge, and a wise person will know when they are not yet ready for a serious relationship. They will be honest enough to admit they have physical needs, and they may be open to the possibilities that fuck buddies are the type of people who can help them. A person in this type of situation needs easy, local sex without a commitment so they can settle their own issues.

People often rely on only one person to satisfy their social, emotional and physical needs. They commit to a relationship because they believe the other person has the ability to do this, and they are sometimes horribly wrong. Compartmentalizing various relationships may work out best for those who are recovering from a bad relationship, and it gives them the opportunity to wait and find the partner who will be perfect for them.