Abandoning an Untrusting Partner

A relationship with a partner who cannot trust is hurtful, but it is also very frustrating. When the accusations begin, the partner being accused may not understand the reason why this occurs. They may believe their partner has seen them with another person, but they know they have done nothing that could possibly be construed as cheating. Their faithfulness to their partner goes unrewarded, and this eventually breaks down communication within the relationship.

Getting out of this type of relationship often sours a person on relationships, and they are more likely to wait before finding another partner. Even if they are seeking another relationship, one false step by the new person will cause them to leave without a moment's hesitation. They would rather be alone than try to appease another person who will constantly accuse them, and it might be best if they stayed out of any relationships for the time being.

People are very social, and they crave companionship and social experiences. For those who are not ready to form a new relationship, escorts are a good choice for going out on a date. An escort agency can match people with a date who will be companionable for an evening, but there is no pretense of a relationship. This will work well for the person avoiding a relationship.

When a person discovers they like to date without the bother of a relationship, they may choose to hire an independent escort. They have the same professional standards as those with an agency, but they book their own clients. They are not interested in forming a relationship, but they can get to know their clients over time. This provides an advantage to the client because their escort knows their likes, wants and needs for a casual date.