Avoiding Relationship Isolation

There are many times when relationship issues can be traced to a lack of trust, and avoiding them in the first place can become a bad habit. For a spouse who is faithful, there are often questions about their fidelity from a spouse who has trust issues. This is unfair, but avoiding blame for something not done often comes down to isolation. If a person is never seen with anyone they could possible cheat with, then they can never be accused of cheating.

Logic is a good way to figure out the best path in many parts of life, but it does not always apply well to emotional issues. Avoiding people to avoid the blame of cheating might sound logical, but it is a circular type of logic that will solve nothing. Even if a person is completely faithful to their untrusting partner, their lack of contact with others will simply give control of their entire life to the other person. It will not solve the issue that needs attention.

Living with a lack of trust is difficult, and avoiding relationships with other people makes it even worse. A person who does not trust their partner will never develop it under these conditions, and the partner will suffer from being isolated from others. They will eventually lose their own confidence as they try to bolster their partner’s trust. Their best bet is to find a way to foster trust in small doses, so they should avoid isolation and include their partner in their interactions with others.

Trust issues often form in childhood, so it is important to know about a person’s past before committing to a future with them. If trust has been a large issue for them, then it is best to find out what they have done to solve it. If no steps have yet been taken, it is time to consider waiting before making a lifetime commitment.